Joyce Kidulu

Regional Coordinator – Mbale Region

Joyce completed the Wise Choices for Life training in 2013 and became a Certified Trainer. Already working with Mothers Union and Compassion as well as lecturing at Uganda Christian University, Joyce is keen to work with Wise Choices for Life to take this vital message out into the community.

Joyce works full-time, based at the JENGA CDO office in Mbale. She is responsible for following up with the training graduates and assisting them in using the material in their work.


Diana Ferrell

Regional Coordinator – Central Uganda & West Nile Region

Originally from Kentucky, USA, Diana has lived in Jinja, Uganda for over 12 years. Partnering with Global Outreach she runs a ministry to educate women in literacy, health, sanitation and Bible study.

She now also works with Wise Choices for Life to coordinate workshops in the Jinja and West Nile regions.

[Diana’s personal website]

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